When choosing a company to transport your vehicles, there is a check list of qualities to look for when determining whether or not a transportation company is right for you. Over all, things like insurance coverage and proper certification are a must. However, if you are looking to transport an old-school roadster, a vintage classic or what would otherwise be deemed a classic vehicle, there are extra steps that should be taken.
     Classic or collector vehicles are often projects of great delicacy that require an accommodating sense of care. The first thing that should be considered is the trailer type. When transporting with an open car carrier, your vehicle is exposed to weather conditions which may cause damage to occur, or at least harm the finish. Be sure to go with an enclosed trailer type when looking to deliver a vehicle as precious as a classic.
     However, there are more precautions to consider than trailer type. Does the transport company have experience dealing with classic vehicles? Will you need a special trailer to accommodate the dimensions of your vehicle? Does the carrier cover the vehicles with softer fabrics so the finish of your vehicle isn’t scratched? If your transport company is using a stacking trailer, does the transport company take necessary measures to dirt and fluids from the top level affecting the lower level?
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