Awesome Experience., Excellent Company

I recently contracted with Trevino Trucking to transport a 1960 Nash Metropolitan from Portland, Maine to Boise, ID. Cindy Stock was my contact person and she was great. Excellent communication and follow through. My car came early and was in perfect condition. I would use them again and have already referred them already to someone else.

Kim T

IN to SF, flawless!

I was leary of all the sharks out there promising they could deliver my classic car for under $1600. After getting jerked around by so many brokers I decided to go with Trevino. Cindy was honest and no nonsense. Great service and I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. Great company that stands above the rest. Thanks!



Stop right here – Trevino Trucking well deserves it’s 100% Customer Satisfaction rating! (Industry average 91%, some under 80%!). Cindy showed great competence and resourcefulness to resolve a seemingly landlocked situation, LI NY to Southern OR, facing ‘Sandy’ after-effects. In general, bids by your broker, posted on the National Dispatch Board, are picked up by drivers by net return, depending on market situation. Low bids linger, or, when and if picked up, may suffer from exposure to ‘Lowest Bidder Syndrome’! One more note: if your location is a few hundred miles off the main truck corridor, you have to expect a higher price. Truckers drive trucks and round-trip detours mean gasoline and time!


Moving 32 Ford custom show car

The entire process was very professional. Dan Trevino was the driver and handled my car with the most professional and careful shipping I could have asked for. Dan was on time, called to make appointment for delivery and had an extremely nice truck & trailer. If you are worried about shipping your high dollar car you can count on these guys to take the most careful handling of your prized car. I can’t say enough about how Dan handled my 100K show 32 ford. I was so worried until I got on the phone with Cindy in dispatch. I went through hell with other brokers and finally found Trevino trucking. Use them you will be so happy you did!!

Ron T

Great Service

These folks provided great service ! They called and kept me updated and provided the service that was promised.


Professional Driver

I had contracted with a broker (Earth Auto Shippers) set up the transport of my 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca. They chose wisely. Trevino Transport was very professional and respectful or my vehicle as well as others that had been loaded on his truck (including a VIPER).

The Boss has a vey low front splitter – much like the ones used in NASCAR and I was concerned there would be an issue loading and unloading the vehicle from the trailer. The driver took the time to measure everything, the spacing between the wheels, the distance between the loading ramps, adding wood planks at just the right spots and the angle of the ramp in the truck to ensure that my car would be unloaded UNDAMAGED. He even went the extra step and wore gloves “In case there was dirt or grease” on his hands to not damage the steering wheel. Thank you

Robert G

Excellent Service

I moved from California (Bay Area) to Florida (Ft. Lauderdale). When I originally moved from the east coast to the west coast, I drove my car across the country. I decided to use a transport service to move back to the east coast. I was concerned for obvious reasons because I would have to trust complete strangers with transporting my car across the country. I looked up various transport services online and then I checked the Better Business Bureau. For my area in California, Trevino Transport happened to be one of the highest rated. I narrowed it down to 3-4 companies and called them all. Every one of them seemed a little sketchy and I had seen some negative reviews on other sites about some of these companies. I called Trevino and spoke to Cindy Stock. She is very knowledgeable about the entire process and she immediately put me at ease. She scheduled the pick up and she was also able to arrange for me to add my mountain bike in the back seat of my car even though the drivers usually don’t like to have items outside of the trunk. She also let me know that they weren’t responsible for my bike if something were to happen which was fine with me. I just didn’t want to ship my bike with UPS or Fedex and let it get damaged. The drivers were on time and super professional. They were careful with loading my car on the truck and when I received it at the destination, I didn’t get the impression that they had even looked in my trunk. The drivers picked my car up on a Monday and they told me they would have my car in Florida by Friday. They called me early and they were able to deliver my car by Thursday. I had already flown to Florida from San Fransisco so it was no problem. This is an outstanding service. The price you pay is not the cheapest and it is not the most expensive. It is right in the middle but it is DEFINITELY worth it. When it comes to trusting someone with your car across the country, it’s not the time worry about the cost. This company is A+++. Cindy is incredible and when I spoke to her, I felt like I had known her for years. If this company is available to transport your car, there is no need to worry.

Paul C

Very helpful

Although I didn’t end up using Trevino to transport my vehicle, I had an excellent experience with them. I had a 1969 Roadrunner that I was buying – the car was in Massachusetts and I needed it in Michigan. The first company I called had under quoted me, and my order had been sitting “on the board” for a few days, and had not been picked up by a trucker. I needed the vehicle in Michigan in less than a week, so I started calling other companies. I called over a dozen places, and couldn’t find anyone who could confirm a pickup date without charging me $1300- $1600. Then I found Trevino. Cindy took the time to explain the transportation business, and how jobs can be under quoted. She explained “the board,” and even offered to match other quotes I had received and work with me to ship my vehicle. I ended up getting a call back from another transportation company that could come pick up my vehicle in the next two days, so I ended up going with them. But Cindy’s extra effort made a lasting impression on me, and I will definitely contact her the next time I need a vehicle shipped.


Treated My Inoperable 1968 Chevelle Malibu Like A Showcar – Awesome Service!

Although the vehicle was inoperable and located in the mountains of rural Mendocino County in Northern California, Dan Trevino loaded the vehicle into his truck while providing amazing customer service. He treated my Mom’s rusting, inoperable 1968 Chevelle Malibu that she’d purchased brand new as though it was a $100K showcar. His and professionalism and his pleasant demeanor set her at ease with letting her “baby” go to my home in Texas. A few days later, the Malibu was ready for delivery. Because AT&T’s poor cellular service caused my phone to not receive his calls notifying me that he’d arrived, he had to wait on me for nearly two hours. However, he still treated me and the Chevelle with complete professionalism. I usually don’t write reviews, but Dan Trevino surprised me with what a great experience this was. If you have a classic or exotic car, don’t look for someone even cheaper – Trevino Trucking is worth every penny. The broker I found him through offered me a $25 gift card to leave them a review – that’s not worth my time. Instead, I’m happy to give an uncompensated review for Trevino Trucking because he’s that good.

Matthew H

Great driver

Driver Dan T went above and beyond to help me get my grandfather’s car transported from Texas to Michigan. Trevino Trucking Logistics and Classic Car Transport worked with my schedule, kept me informed and made it easy to plan for delivery. Car would not start when it was delivered so Dan managed to jump start the car while it was still inside his trailer. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and faced more than one challenge with a smile on his face during the unloading process. Car runs a little rough so Dan made sure I made it the half-mile home with no stalling or problems. Could not be more pleased with Dan at Trevino Trucking and Jim at Classic Car Transport.


57 T-Bird Transport

I purchased a fully Concours restored 57 T-Bird located in Ohio. Now What? I Contacted a broker and Trevino Transport was recommended. Picking up a car in Ohio in December can have its moments. Dan called me with his schedule and any changes he had to make. The car was loaded late in the evening which was fine with the seller and made it to Texas on time and without any drama at all. Price was fair and Dan even kept the car covered the entire trip on the closed carrier. It arrived in beautiful condition thanks to the “extra mile” that Dan took to insure nothing would happen to it. Pleased with the service. Would highly recommend.


These guys are the Bomb! A+++++++++

You can’t miss with Trevino. After lots of heartache, a long search; and finally finding the right car >> I had to deal with scads of auto transport brokers. Let me forewarn you; you want to hire the same folks who arrange shipping to do the actual shipping. A broker just lists your car to the next low price Tom Dick or Harry; and I read lots of bad news reviews. I started a search; and found three reputable firms Non Broker Car Transport firms I’d trust. Trevino frankly had the best price; they’re hungrier; but they did a first rate job, while saving me $300.00 – $400.00. In my mind they’re way better than the guys Jay Leno uses at a savings of over $400.00. More than that they have an A- rating at the BBB as they’ve been at it not as long as the other two firms (3-4 years 20 to 30 years). Dan Trevino called to say they could pick up the car (Corvette Z06) on the first day available at McLaren Philadelphia. The driver delivered the next day in East Tennessee on time; keeping in contact at all times, and actually exceeding how fast I thought the car might get here. The car was off-loaded; it was in pristine shape zero damage and no extra mileage. Ken was friendly and helpful, it seems that he’s moving lots of McLaren 12V-4C’s between the dealership and the owners in the field as McLaren updates the 2012’s to 2013 specs (how the other halves car’s are taken care of… My only regret was I didn’t get to see the volcano red 12V-4C in front of mine; which was covered in a McLaren car cover. He was a complete professional and wouldn’t entertain the idea of a peak. So these guys are moving 250K cars all day long on a regular basis; and if you want the deal of a lifetime, go here. When I retire in nine years I’ll be back to move two collector cars again (the Vette and a Camaro). Use these guys with confidence; you will not be disappointed. Feel free to checkout this thread on the Corvette Forum where I posted my experiences, and others theirs.

http://forums.corvetteforum.com/c6-corvettes-for-sale/3175200-best-no- nonsense-car-carrier-new-york-to-tennessee.html

I was not asked to write this, but rather asked Trevino for the link to where to put as I was so pleased with their excellent work and professionalism, all that while they saved me money too.

Larry V


We had a corvette transported from California to Tennessee. Cindy was very responsive, the price was great, and the service was excellent. The car was picked up on Monday night in California, and delivered Thursday night in Tennessee. 3 days! The driver took great care of the car; even put it in the best place on the truck. I would definitely use them again.


Good honest and professional service

I believe Trevino Trucking is a good company with good service. I found them after a terrible experience with another company that I ultimately walked away from. Cindy has a real human professionalism and I always felt I knew where I stood with getting my car transported. It was a very good experience in a difficult market (Idaho) and I can recommend Trevino Trucking, not only on my singular experience, but also in how I was treated (I believe all customers will get treated the same way).

Ed S.

Trevino Trucking service

I buy and sell classic cars. Shipping can be very stressful for my customers, especially if communication is poor and dates are missed. That is why communication is most important to me. Trevino Trucking keeps me and my customers informed every step of the way. Dan goes the extra mile to make sure things go perfectly. On my last shipment I had a car with a dead battery. Dan called me and offered to pick one up and install it. He did this on my word that I would pay him back for the cost of the battery. The car started at delivery and I had a happy customer. Cindy (Dispatch) also works hard to assure everything goes well. Good people and a good company.

Dream Cruise Classics

Good people

Very prompt communications, and driver was very knowledgeable about how to start and drive a 1933 Roller.

Don C.

Car Transport

Dan Trevino is the best! My Porsche was handled with TLC all the way from Texas to Ohio. I was able to communicate with either him or dispatch for the entire trip. I chose Dan’s transport company after having waited over a week with no callback or even a tentative pickup date from “Reliable Transport” (their name needs to be changed to UN- Reliable”!). Dan quickly worked me in to his schedule and within 2 days the car was in route. His clean, organized and well maintained trailer had several vehicles worth much more than my Porsche but he handled my car as if it were worth a million. On top of all this, he had a great personality and was very friendly. Thanks very much Dan Trevino and team for turning a stressful situation into a real pleasure! You guys are pros!


Trevino Trucking

They did an excellent, professional job and I would recommend them to anyone. Cindy at the office called me during transport several times to let me know the progress. Dan, the driver, was knowledgeable and friendly. I couldn’t ask more.


Cobra Shipment

Picked up when they said they would. Had the car here couple of days early which was nice. Driver was friendly and professional. Would use them again.

B. Smith